Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finger Paints Twisted over Milani Yellow Whiz

So this is something I don't usually wear. I'm not a big fan of warm colors in general and the idea of yellow nail polish just reminds me of how stained my actual nails are. I decided to branch out though and try something I'm not use to. At first I had applied Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen to my nails, but the formula was so thin and watery and it just became a complete mess. So the next day I went out with some friends and they took me to Walgreens so I could replace my yellow. So I picked up Yellow Whiz by Milani. How funny is that name?

Indoors, no flash
How pretty is that? The formula was ok, but I would say it was good for a yellow polish. A little thin but not runny. I used about 3 or 4 coats if the nail needed it. I think I may have changed my mind about yellow nail polish.

So after I put it on I thought "Wouldn't it be pretty if I put more colors on top and make it look carnival-esque?" Loving flakies as much as I do, I decided to layer two coats of Finger Paints Twisted over it.

Milani Yellow Whiz, $4.79 at Walgreens and Finger Paints Twisted, $5.49 at Sally's
Twisted is the most colorful of the Special Effects collection, it has red, blue, orange, green, and more. The end result was really cute and springy!

Indoors w/ flash
Indoors w/o flash
Indirect sunlight w/o flash
Indirect sunlight w/o flash
The yellow made all of the flakies really soft pretty pastel tones. I will forever love flakies.

POP QUESTION! Leave your answer in a comment here or in a comment on the Facebook post that brought you here. What do I use as a background for the bottle shots?

You never know what might happen if you're the first person to get the answer right ;)

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  1. Table or desk top? But I really like the use of flakies with an none typical color, ie black. It looks great.

  2. Thank you! And not quite. It's an unusual item to use

  3. these remind me of rain shoes! mlao


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