Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silver Icing Magnetic Polish

I put this on as soon as my mom had sent it to me. I was so excited for some magnetic polish! Like I explained in my nail mail post, magnetic polish is a polish that has small metal particles in it that when after you apply it to the nail you hold a special magnet over your nail it brings those particles to the top of the nail polish in a cool pattern. Who thinks of this stuff? I'll post a video from Soguesswhat11 on Youtube that shows you how to do it.

No name silver, Icing $9

View of magnet
When you use the magnet you place one of the little lips on you cuticle and hold it there for a few seconds to get the magnetic effect. Whatever you do, don't let the magnet touch your nail or you'll have to redo the polish (I accidentally did that about 5 times with my thumb). Icing was super smart and put two so you can change the pattern direction.

Now for super cool pictures!

This magnet had a straight stripe pattern. The blue one I got along with it has a wavy pattern which is also really cool. I'm loving this look! It reminds me of nail appliques. It's so interesting looking.

The formula was good, a little thicker than normal but ever so slightly. I was expecting that too because of the magnetic quality of the nail polish. Application of the polish itself was not bad, I use two coats in these pictures because I put on thin coats, but one thick coat could work also. There was one thing though that kept this polish from being perfect, in fact, it was a very disappointing feature...

Look at that monster of a brush! Ok so maybe not a monster, but it did make application a little more difficult. Still manageable though. Just make sure to check the brushes before you buy the polish, there are bottles out there with normal brushes (even though neither of mine are :P)

This polish wore really well. These pictures were taken 3 days after I applied the polish and there's only minimal tip wear on all of my nails except for my thumb which has a small chip, but I'll take the blame for that one.

So, magnetic polish. I think it's awesome and that the effect is really interesting. I like the color of this polish a lot too, kind of a gunmetal gray. Icing has these for $9 a bottle and their make up is always buy one get one half off, and I don't think you could ask for a better retail price for magnetic polish. Go grab a few!

Happy reading!

Here is the video the lovely Mrs. Gina is letting me share on my blog to show you all how to use the magnet. Go check out her Youtube channel for some SUPER cute tutorials.

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  1. That is the weirdest nail brush ever! I have tried this brand of magnetic polish yet, but the whole concept is just awesome! I've tagged you on my blog.


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