Friday, January 6, 2012

Asylum over Tutu Cute

Yay first polish post! So this is what I've had on my nails the past few days. 
 There was a lot of hype over the Finger Paints Special Effects collection. I will not deny that I was just as excited as everyone else. These polishes are super cool because of their flaky effects. Flakies are irregular pieces of shimmer that are somewhat similar to glitter and are made usually to be layered over other polishes. Flakies aren't new to the polish world, other brands have released flakies lately, but Finger Paints has had the best price from what I've seen so far. They released 5 different flakies named Asylum, Twisted, Flashy, Flecked, and Motley. I bought all but Flashy (I had one similar to it already) and they are GORGEOUS! Well worth the wait and excitement and money. Usually you see flakies over black, but today I'm showing you Finger Paints' Asylum over Ulta's Tutu Cute.
Asylum (Sally Beauty Supply, $5.49 w/o club card $4.99 with) and Tutu Cute (Ulta, $6)
 Let me talk about Tutu Cute a little first. It's a really pretty medium purple color, but it's nothing super special. I fell like you could find a Sinful Colors or Sally Hansen dupe for a better price. I got this as a buy one get one free deal so it was only $3, but for a bottle that's only .33 fl. oz. it's kind of a rip off at the normal price. Especially since the formula is not very good. Granted it's not terrible, it's kind of goopy and takes a lot longer to dry than other polishes I own. I don't know if polish thinner will help, but I shouldn't have to put polish thinner in a new bottle of polish. The wear time is pretty good though, you can see just a slight bit of wear on the tips after 3 days of wearing it. For this polish I would recommend finder a cheaper and bigger bottle from a drug store in the same color. I wasn't expecting to be doing a blog so soon so I forgot to take a picture of it without Asylum on top :P

Now for Asylum, this is beautiful. There's nothing that's this available at this price like it. The picture above does a really good job at capturing some of the flakie coloring. In the bottles the flakies all look look the same, like dirty dishwater, but on the nail they're the craziest, most gorgeous flashes of all different colors. I highly recommend them.

Now enough of my gabbing! On to the pictures! All pictures have 3 coats of Tutu Cute and 2 coats of Asylum.
Inside with flash
Inside without flash

Outside in sun

Sorry about the weird paint job on my thumb, my top coat was being a goofball.
You can see the awesome red and blue flakies with the slight green color shift they have a certain angles. I love this combination. It's very harmonious.

Go pick up any of the flakies that you can while Sally's still has them, they're selling out really quickly, and it's easy to see why. Also, if anyone wants to see swatches of the other flakies I have leave a comment here asking or on my Facebook profile. And please let me know what you think of the blog so far (I know, not much to give feedback on yet) and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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