Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top and base coat

So on all of my posts I've only been saying what color I use but never what top coat and base coat. A few months ago I used a really cheap base/top coat that I got at Sally's. I used that for a few months but I started having problems with my nail polish popping off. So I switched my top coat to Seche Vite and my base coat to Orly Nail Bonder.

I love these. They keep my polish from chipping and popping off. The Orly has a rubbery feel to it when it dries and it definitely creates a bond between the nail and polish. Seche Vite dries CRAZY fast and has the most gorgeous finish. It is so shiny and glossy. It also evens itself out to give a very refined look. The dry time is so good for me so I can just throw on a top coat and be able to use my hands within a couple of minutes without ruining my nails. There are a few cons to it though. It has some chemicals in it that can cause birth defects and other issues, so don't use it if you're pregnant. It also can shrink on the nail if you don't put enough on. And over time it will get goopy and thick so you have to get a product called Seche Restore to thin it out.

Both of these are kind of pricey, the average for a .5 fluid ounce bottle of Seche Vite is around $7-$10 and the Orly is anywhere from $6 to $8. But in my opinion they're completely worth it if they make a manicure last. I use these on all of my manicures and usually pedicures so I definitely get my money's worth out of it.

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