Monday, January 9, 2012

OPI Skull and Glossbones

Today I have a sale polish to show you guys! This is from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection OPI released a few months ago when "On Stranger Tides" came out in theaters. The collection consisted of lots of soft, neutral shades. This is the only one I own from the collection, but they're all really pretty. They're not the typical pretty either since they're so muted. When you first look at them they don't look like much, but the closer you look at them the more you appreciate them.

The one I'm showing you today is called Skull and Glossbones and reminds me of putty. It's almost a "dirty" color, but it's amazing. I wore it because I had a violin performance this weekend and didn't want anything distracting on my nails. This color was perfect. It's not loud but still very unique.

Skull and Glossbones (Ulta, $8.50)

It's showing up more gray in this picture, it's a tiny tiny bit more brown in real life.

The formula is really creamy and lovely. I used three really thin coats, but if you do thicker coats you could get away with two.

Indoors with flash
This is a pretty accurate picture of the color. I'm not sure why my index finger looks so messy, it's not in real life. And I really need to start showing some love to my cuticles :P

Now, this polish normally retails for $8.50 at Ulta, but it's on sale because they're trying to get rid of the old collections so it was only $4.99! They have all sorts of polishes on sale now so go check them out.

Also, I'm so excited because I just ordered supplies to start making my own nail polish colors! So you can expect posts about that starting in a week or so.

Happy reading!

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  1. This is one of my favorites. I loved the whole pirates collection! :)


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