Wednesday, January 25, 2012

China Glaze Techno

Hey guys!

So today I have a new(ish) polish to show you guys. It's not completely new because it's a re-release, but it came out again with the new Spring 2012 China Glaze collection. It's called Techno and I can sum it up in one word: SPARKLE. Holy crap is it sparkly. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love anything sparkly. Sparkly polish, jewelry, anything shiny. I'm like a cat! Anyways, here's the pretty bottle shot:

China Glaze Techno, Sally Beauty Supply $5

Do you see the colors? DO YOU? It's so cool. Techno consists of tiny holographic glitter particles and large, holographic, hexagonal glitter in a clear jelly base. I don't think it's officially out yet, but my Sally's is so nice and when I asked about the collection they went into the back and brought it out for me :) You should be able to find this in February, I believe, wherever China Glaze is sold.

Now the formula on this was not terrible as far as glitters like this go. It's not as easy as just swiping the brush across your nail, you have to kind of dab the glitter on so it doesn't just get dragged off of the nail and you have to place the glitter right. But, when it came to getting the large glitter on the brush, there were no problems. Sometimes you have to dig out the larger glitter in polishes, but it was so nicely distributed throughout the polish there was no digging, which I love. You kind of have to push around the large glitter to get it placed evenly on the nail space, but it was not too much of a hassle.

One thing I do not like about this kind of glitter is that it is not camera friendly. It just does not let my camera focus on it. So here are my best shots. I have it layered over black.

Indoors w/ flash
Indoors w/ flash
I know the second picture is super blurry, but it really lets you see all of the colors. And how cool does the bottle look?

Indoors w/o flash
Indoors w/o flash
It reminds me of stars and planets. I really wish I could have gotten a natural light picture, but it's been so overcast and rainy the past few days that there was no sun for it :( All of the colors are even more pronounced in the sun.

This, to me, is a polish meant for laying over polishes. I guess you could try doing 20 coats for full coverage, but it's so chic and fun over another color. I personally adore it over black.

Super macro shot!

I love how cool this polish is. I can't think of another quite like this off the top of my head, and I know I don't own any exactly like this. Definitely one to look for to add to your collection.

My next post will be about an awesome care package from my mommy :) She sent me some awesome stuff, including polish of course.

Happy reading!

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