Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Milani Hi-Tech

WARNING: Very picture heavy

So my friend Gina (check her out on Youtube and Facebook at Soguesswhat11) commented on one of my statuses that I should do a holographic glitter on my nails since I was feeling yucky. The day before my boyfriend said I should do green on my nails. So I took both ideas and came up with...

Milani Hi-Tech (CVS, $4.99)
Milani Hi-Tech! This is a killer holographic green. I've only found it at CVS personally, but I've heard of people finding it at Target too. This is a good price for the quality of the polish, especially since the holo is so strong. There are 5 other colors in the 3D Holographic collection.

It is a lot more yellow green on the nail than in the bottle and it's super bright and stunning. The formula is really nice but a little thin. I had to do two thin  coats followed by one thick coat for full coverage. In the pictures below you'll see how the holographic quality comes out in almost any light, even indoors.

Indoors w/o flash

Indoors w/o flash
I included the above picture because you can really see all of the colors on the index finger and thumb.

Indoors w/ flash

Indoors w/ flash
How cool is that?

I just love this color. It's probably the most holographic of the collection.

And since I needed an extra little pick-me-up I added some stamping. I used Bundle Monster plate 215 and Finger Paints' Black Expressionism.

I love the holo peeking out of the cracks :)

Well, that's all I have for today. I'm going back to school Sunday and HOPEFULLY I'll have time to keep posting updates and pictures for you guys. It may not be a frequent, but maybe I'll write some entries ahead of time to post as school starts.

Happy reading!

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