Monday, February 13, 2012

E.L.F Red Velvet

With Valentine's day coming up, I had decided just to do a simple red nail. I have a gig with my new string quintet not too long after Valentine's day and didn't want any crazy designs on my nails if I didn't have time to do them again.

The polish I chose is Red Velvet by Eyes, Lips, Face. I've never used E.L.F. before and so far, I'm not very impressed with this brand. I got this polish in a pack of 5 during Black Friday for $4.50, which is a good deal. I guess for a cheap polish it's not terrible, I'm just use to better polishes.

E.L.F Red Velvet
It's a really pretty color and I like it, but application and wear time is awful. First off, the brush wasn't placed in the cap correctly to I had to hold the cap in a weird position to be able to use the flatter side of the brush. Second, it stained like nothing else! The pictures below are after tons and tons of cleanup and there's SUCH bad staining, it looks like I left polish on my cuticles and skin.

Indoors with flash
Indoors without flash
How bad is that?! Big turn off for me. Since the name is Red Velvet I decided to add a matte top coat and really make it look like velvet. This is where I got annoyed though. I put Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love over a coat of Seche Vite, hoping it would last until Valentine's day (I applied the polish and SV Saturday and the matte top coat on Sunday) but I already have a lot of tip wear! Even before I put the matte top coat on there was more than average tip wear. And today (Monday) I have even more tip wear. I am by no means hard on my hands at all, I take really good care of them so I don't injure them and can't play my violin. I can only blame the polish on this.

Indoors with flash
 Bleh. At least the staining has kind of gone away. Another strike against this polish is that it's not 3 free and it smells so bad. So far I am not feeling the love for this brand, but I won't give up yet! I still have 4 more for them to redeem themselves.

No me gusta.

Happy reading!

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