Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orly's Rock the World

I really loved the fall collections that came out last year. There were OPI's Touring America collection, China Glaze's Metro Collection, and Orly's Mineral FX  and Fowl Play collections, just to name a few. I got at least one polish from each of those collections, and they're some of my favorite colors. Today I have Rock the World from Orly's Mineral FX collection. I got this polish for a fantastic $2 when Sally Beauty Supply was having their 50% off red tag sale at the beginning of the year. I bought an insane amount of polish at that time but it was all for crazy good deals. It may still be available if you look in the clearance areas of stores and online.

This is a really cool and interesting color. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It's kind of gold with a purple shift. It looks so textured on the nail too, kind of like a rock. But a pretty rock. Sorry about the blurriness of my nails, this finish of polish does weird things to the focus of my camera. There are a lot of pictures because I wanted to try and capture all of the different colors in the polish.

Orly Rock the World
This is such a weird bottle shot. The best way I can describe it is that it is half accurate. It's really more gold toned in most lights, but when the light hits the color just right it does give off this purple tone.

One thing I love so much about Orly's bottle design is that genius rubberized cap. It gives you such a grip and won't slip if your hands start to get sweaty. Whoever came up with that design was brilliant.

Indoors with flash
This is actually a really really good depiction of how the polish looks in the sun. It has that bronze/purple color to it. Very beautiful.

Indoors without flash
This polish is really both of those colors depending on the lighting, it's very interesting.

The formula was good. This is kind of between a shimmer and a glitter and it's application kind of reminded me of the application of foils. I used 3 coats here. I thought two were enough when I put it on, but there were obvious bald spots in some light. The wear time has been good, these pictures were taken after about 4 days of wear.

All in all this is a really pretty polish with a good formula. If you like it but can't find it, it seems very similar to Zoya's Faye and OPI's It's My Year. Orly is usually around $5-$7 and if you do find this color it will most likely be on sale.

Happy reading!

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