Friday, March 23, 2012

Icing Green Magnetic Polish

Not too long ago I showed you all Icing's silver magnetic polish. Icing had started out with only 4 magnetic colors, but when I went home they had at least four or five new ones! So I decided to pick up their new green one to wear for St. Patrick's Day.

Green Magnetic, Icing $9
Icing always has their buy one get one half off for cosmetics, so I actually got the polish for $4.50. This one came with the stripe magnet.

This was a very frustrating polish, but I think it was my fault. I didn't take the magnet off the top, so the cap was off of the polish making it get thick as I applied it. So always make sure to either remove the magnet part of the cap off of the part attached to the brush or use another magnet so you can keep the top on. I think this is what also caused all of the bumps in the polish. Lesson learned. And this was after 3 days of wearing and moving back to school so my pinky has a slight chip and there is some tip wear. Sorry!!

Indoors with flash

Indoors without flash
Sorry about the application job too, it got difficult to work with as it got thicker. I really love the color though, my nails look like emeralds!

I'm so in love with the magnetic nail polish trend. What do you all think of magnetic polish?

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  1. I love how they came out, I so want magnetic polishes. They are not available here yet.

  2. Jenney - I think you have gorgeous nails! No matter how long my nails get, I'll always have "man hands". You never will!

  3. Wow that looks great! I love what a rich green that is!


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